TCXO installation on HackRF

10MHz TCXO. Stability 0.1ppm

For HackRF mounted in a black metal box, there is a model of TCXO reduced in height to be able to install.

TCXO on pin 1 – pin 12 / connector P22

If your HackRF is connected to a Raspberry PI or an Orange PI under Linux and you have installed the hackrf package you can test that the TCXO is taken into account. In a terminal window type:

hackrf_debug -–si5351c -n 0 -r

If the answer is: [0] -> Ox51 no TCXO taken into account
If the answer is: [0] -> Ox01 perfect TCXO taken into account

As a reminder, you can find out more about your hackRF with the command:

To install the hackrf package under Raspbian or Armbian:
sudo apt-get install hackrf

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