Remote SDR – Examples of realization

Many OMs around the world have embarked on the realization of Remote SDR. Some even ported the software to Raspberry Pi 4 or Banana Pi from the start. Remote SDR version 2.4 now supports Raspberry Pi 4.

Realization of HA4BM from Hungary

Nice construction with an Orange Pi Zero 2 and an Adalm Pluto

.The front panel with the antenna outputs
The rear panel
The interior with an Adalm-Pluto out of its box.

Béla, HA4BM himself designed a box made with a 3D printer. The sources to achieve it are available here:

RPI4 ° POE + Adalm-Pluto

Another version with Raspberry Pi 4, a POE Hat and the Adalm-Pluto. The 3D box file is available here:

Realization of HB9DUG

Raspberry Pi4 and Adalm-Pluto

Michel, HB9DUG has successfully ported a Raspberry 4 with 4GB of memory, Remote SDR. It is driving an Adalm-Pluto.

Since a version 2.4 exists and runs on a Raspberry Pi 4B with only 2GB of Ram memory. The procedure for installing an image is here:

The average CPU load rate is 33%, which is good.

Htop gives a load of 1.29 splitted on 4 cores which correspond roughly to 33%.

M0DQW – Techminds – Adalm-Pluto

Realization of F1ATB

The first realization of Remote SDR which allowed me to establish my first QSOs via the QO-100 satellite in May 2020.

F1ATB QO-100 setup – Raspberry 4B – 2 HackRF One

It is an old PC box which serves as a 5V and 12v box and power supply for the whole. The processing processor is now, september 2021, Raspberry 4B – 2GB.

Give me pictures of your setups to publish them here.

Post on Remote SDR

2 thoughts on “Remote SDR – Examples of realization”

  1. Hi DR OM André,
    Congrats for this one excellent work for ham radio community.
    I would like ask you if is possible ADD TO SUPPORT to image for Airspy receivers like Airspy Discovery, R2 and MINI.
    Also Anthony F4GOH described how simply configure Remote SDR V2 on his website.
    Amazing support!!!
    TNX VY73! Ladislav OK1UNL

    1. Ladislav

      Thank you for your positives remarks. In the coming months, I will continue with other SDRs as far as I can find the drivers to adapt to Remote SDR.


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