Communication Ports

For those who would like to open ports to communicate with the outside world. Raspberry / Orange Pi port 80 transfers web pages. The rest (spectra, audio etc.) goes through ports 8001 to 8005. If you intend to connect to the satellite tracking software, Gpredict, you need to add the ports 8006 and 8007. To communicate via VSPE and Omnirig to an external software, open port 8008.

Local Ports

IPs and local ports

To use Remote SDR on your local network, you must enter the IP address (ex: of the processor that drives the SDR of the RX and the same for the TX side. If, for example, we have a Raspberry Pi 4, which drives the RX and the TX, we put the same address. The html pages are exchanged by the default port 80 which is not necessary to mention.

For audio data, spectrum etc…, we enter 8001, the Audio port of the RX. Other ports take forward numbers up to 8008.

External Ports

If you wish to use Remote SDR externally via the Internet, you must specify the ports used which are defined at the level of the Internet box in the NAT (Network Address Translation) configuration.

You must reroute the port(s) 80 (html) of the processors, by entering the IP address of your box followed by: and a port number greater than 1024 and less than 65535. Take any number between 50000 and 60000.

For audio data, spectra etc…, do the same with an external start port which will be rerouted to port 8001 internally. It will be followed by the next 4 numbers. If we want to use Gpredict and VSPE/Omnirig, 3 more numbers will be taken.

Do not forget to enter the same rules in the NAT parameters of the Internet box.

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