Remote SDR – Examples of realization

Many OM around the world have embarked on the realization of Remote SDR. Below are some examples.

Listening EME by BG0DXC / BG0AUB

Listening on 23cm. The low bandwidth required to transport signals over the network is appreciated with this remote station. Remote SDR is interfaced with WSJT-X which drives Doppler drift.

Realization of HA4BM from Hungary

Nice construction with an Orange Pi Zero 2 and an Adalm Pluto

.The front panel with the antenna outputs
The rear panel
The interior with an Adalm-Pluto out of its box.

Béla, HA4BM himself designed a box made with a 3D printer. The sources to achieve it are available here:

RPI4 ° POE + Adalm-Pluto

Another version with Raspberry Pi 4, a POE Hat and the Adalm-Pluto. The 3D box file is available here:

Realization of HB9DUG

Raspberry Pi4 and Adalm-Pluto

Michel, HB9DUG has successfully ported a Raspberry 4 with 4GB of memory, Remote SDR. It is driving an Adalm-Pluto.

Since a version 2.4 exists and runs on a Raspberry Pi 4B with only 2GB of Ram memory. The procedure for installing an image is here:

The average CPU load rate is 33%, which is good.

Htop gives a load of 1.29 splitted on 4 cores which correspond roughly to 33%.

M0DQW – Techminds – Adalm-Pluto

Realization of F1ATB

The first realization of Remote SDR which allowed me to establish my first QSOs via the QO-100 satellite in May 2020.

F1ATB QO-100 setup – Raspberry 4B – 2 HackRF One

It is an old PC box which serves as a 5V and 12v box and power supply for the whole. The processing processor is now, september 2021, Raspberry 4B – 2GB.

Realization of F1APY/F6KAT

Superb QO-100 transceiver with an RTL-SDR key, a HackRF One and 2 Orange Pi One Plus.

Give me pictures of your setups to publish them here.

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