Wiring of a Photovoltaic installation in a Self-consumption configuration (DIY)

Self-consumption consists of immediately consuming one’s own electricity production. There is no storage of the electricity produced, which simplifies the installation, reduces its cost and provides the fastest return on investment.

AC, DC circuit breakers and Inverter

We stay connected to the 230v 50Hz or 60 Hz public grid to compensate for the lack of power during periods without sun and to generate a 230v voltage that is well synchronous with the public 50/60Hz.

It should be noted that this type of installation does not work in the event of a power cut from your electricity provider.

Installation is simple and within reach of any DIY enthusiast. DC and AC circuit breakers are available pre-wired from solar kit suppliers.

PV panels wiring to an inverter and the grid.

In my case, the installation of the circuit breakers and the inverter being in the attic, I connected the 230v line at the output of the assembly to my electrical panel on the ground floor. On the latter, I put a 20A circuit breaker to be able to easily cut my connection to the 230v network of the house if necessary. The panels, like the various boxes, are earthed by 6mm² wire.

Wiring up to the electrical panel.
Wiring 2 strings of panels to 2 MPPT

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