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With a GNU Radio application (3.7) running on a Raspberry PI or an Orange PI, it may be interesting to run the Python script generated by GNU Radio Companion at boot. If you put the python program launch in a crontab task or the /etc/rc.local file, the program will start and stop immediately. You’ll waste hours figuring out why …

Structure of the Python file

Edit the script generated by GNU Radio companion. It includes a ‘class’ bearing the name of the file and at the end the main function of launching ‘main ()’. Example for the file ‘’.

The source of the issue is that the program once started waits for an ‘Enter’ to stop. This appears at launch in a Crontab.
See the message ‘Press Enter to Quit’.

In order to overcome it, there are two solutions:

modify the option block by replacing ‘Prompt for Exit’ with ‘Run to Completion’.

  • do not modify the file generated by GNU Radio Companion in order to be able to modify it if you want to improve the processing. We will create a python launch script that will take the “class”. In the same folder where is the python file of gnu radio create the file “”. which will matter.
import remote_rx_ssb_v1

def my_main(top_block_cls=remote_rx_ssb_v1.remote_rx_ssb_v1, options=None):
    tb = top_block_cls()
if __name__ == '__main__':

Call this file in a crontab at launch and GNU-Radio will be launched at boot.

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