SDR Selection

There are many SDRs on the market. In the table below you will find the main characteristics of the compatible “Remote SDR” models. This list will evolve in the future.

RTL-SDR30 MHz – 1,7GHz,
Bandwidth 2 MHz
YesNonDynamic 8 bits,
The cheapest
HackRF One1 MHz – 6 GHz,
Bandwidth 2MHz
Yes Yes Dynamic 8 bits,
Half Duplex
Adalm Pluto70 MHz – 6 GHz après modification,
Bandwidth 1MHz
Yes Yes Dynamic 12 bits,
Full Duplex,
Poor frequency stability
SA818144-146 MHz ou 430-440 MHzNot used Yes NBFM only (1w)10€
Raspberry 4B and Adalm-Pluto

The SA818 found on the Chinese market is similar to an SDR. It does not exchange signals in complex I and Q form, but audio in analog form. It is programmed by a serial interface.